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Forklift – On the Job

Forklifts are generally associated with the business of moving heavy pallets around. Forklifts get a tremendous amount of daily use and there is generally no time for downtime. At Premier Gear, we understand this and build these factors into all our rotating electrical parts. Our complete line of starters and alternators are designed, engineered and manufactured to fit and run as well as the OEM parts they replace. The difference between Premier Gear starters and alternators will not be in the actual product, as we are exact to OEM fit and quality, but more so in the after-installation. There is NO CORE to be concerned about. Nothing to return and no deposit to cover. Just install a brand new (not remanufactured or refurbished) starter or alternator and you are good to go. Downtime is minimal, and performance is maximum.

We make it easy to get Premier Gear, too. Just go to (our official distributor) and they will get it to you fast and for a great price. You know they have a great track record and they, like you, have no time for forklifts that are not operational.