Premier Gear is Professional Grade

Engineered for Quality

Premier Gear replacement starters are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the standards of the original equipment unit we are replacing. Premier Gear starters are completely new manufactured, using high-quality, tested and inspected components. Nothing is remanufactured or previously used. With hundreds of applications available, there is most likely a Premier Gear starters are available to fit your car, truck or SUV.

  • Dynamic design, innovative technology, and easy to install starters are what we are all about.
  • To us, it’s not just making parts, it’s making parts that fit like they were intended. Fit is first, after that, its got to work and do its job. Just like having the right tools, having the right gear is integral to a successful job.
  • Since these units are 100% new, a core is not required which saves you time and money. Job done.

Premier Gear Product Technical Information

Premier Gear starters are all 100% new components. Nothing used, or refurbished.
All finished products are fully tested to O.E.M. specifications and standards for performance and fit.

Starters are tested for RPM, torque, voltage, output and solenoid performance.

All applications are endurance and environmental validated.

Premier Gear products are made using premium WBD Bearings and designed with:
3-Point triple-lip full contact hybrid polyacrylic seals.

Kyodo Yushi high temperature grease. A grease composition for high-temperature, high-speed and high-loads.

Premier Gear Units Performance Testing

In order to provide you with the best product in the market, we test each unit before it leaves our factory. Each product is performance tested to make certain that it has the torque to start your vehicle. In this way, Premier Gear products have proven reliability and superior quality. Because of the care we take to ensure that our products are fully tested before they go into the box, we avoid problems when you put our products into your vehicle.